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1 year alternative to college in Orlando, Florida for students to discover their purpose and achieve their dream lifestyle

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Students are the Leaders!

No Standardized Tests

All classes and coaching sessions are personalized to each student

Experiential Classes

12 or less students per class and many open discussions

One on One Coaching

Weekly sessions with mentors to develop confidence and clarity

Learning Outcomes

98% of our graduates since 2019 have seen dramatic increases in their self assessed confidence and clarity in their future. 60% have gone on to start small businesses. Every student has a unique purpose so every outcome is different. Our student's learn how to attract opportunities that uniquely align to them and develop leadership skills to thrive in any environment they choose. 

We guarantee success! If any of our students haven't seen a complete transformation in their self confidence, professional opportunities, and clarity in their future in the first 90 days of our 9 month program then we'll provide a full refund no questions asked.

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Featured Alumni - Josh Thompson 

Josh was taking traditional college classes and wasn't sure what which direction to take his ideas when he joined Divergent U. While at Divergent U he started a natural soap company called FreetheRoots which now has over 200,000 followers on Instagram and earns seven figures per year in revenue. 


Featured Alumni - Jess Adams 

Jess was working as an administrative assistant and seeking professional growth opportunities when she started with Divergent U. Through Divergent U's development and network she was hired as the CEO of a basketball media company called Hoop Brothers which has helped over 10,000 student athletes. 

Hoop Brothers

Featured Alumni - Chris John 

Chris was an introverted high school senior who made videos for his high school basketball team when he started with Divergent U. He wasn't sure what career to pursue. Now he's one of the most famous professional dunkers in the world. He's performed shows globally, closed brand deals with Fortune 500 companies, and is a paid motivational speaker.

CJ Champion

Divergent U is proof that traditional college isn't for everyone. 88% of millionaires don't have a college degree and we're contributing to that statistic. Not every student wants to be a millionaire. Some are most interested in pursuing a life meaningful to them while being surrounded by like minded peers. At Divergent U students are certain to find their unique life path even are given unlimited support to achieve their purpose.


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