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Since founded in 2019, we've worked with over 50 World Changers! Some have gone on to start Million Dollar Purpose Driven Businesses, others have reached hundreds of thousands of followers online to multiply their impact!


Divergent U is a leadership academy for young creatives, entrepreneurs, and influencers to learn the skills and meet the mentors necessary to  build their own business and impact the world.

Cross the Starting Line

  • In this course you'll learn why it's so challenging for most people to take action on their own ideas and you'll be equipped with the coaching, frameworks, and activities needed to cross the starting line on yours. Using proven divergent thinking philosophies you'll be guided through several exercises to clarify your process and take the first step. 


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  • Become Unlimited 

    In this course you'll discover the 12 Limitations that can stop any goal from becoming a reality and you'll learn how to overcome each of them step by step. The 12 Limitations framework is an original Divergent U philosophy used by hundreds of students to identify what's limiting them and create an action plan to achieve their goals. 

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  • Clarify Your Path

    In this course you'll learn several proven frameworks to deeply clarify who you are, what you want, and how to achieve it. You'll gain powerful insights about yourself using tools of self awareness and goal setting that will give you a new sense of purpose. 


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Divergent U's mission is to provide the next generation of leaders with the skills and mentorship necessary to positively change the world. We know one person can change the world, so imagine the impact a movement of world changers can have. 


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