9 Month Program

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Three trimesters in Orlando, Florida to prepare you to lead the life of your dreams

Personal Development

Our fall term includes three courses centered around self development as a foundation.

Professional Development

Our winter term includes three courses centered around preparing students for their career path. 

Leadership Development

Our spring term includes three courses centered around developing student's ability to lead others. 

Fall - Personal Development


- Divergent Thinking - How to think for yourself 
- Emotional Awareness - How to process emotions 
- Healthy Habits - How to prioritize personal health

Winter - Professional Development


- Entrepreneurial Mindset - How to solve problems
- Brand Building - How to attract ideal opportunities 
- Sales Training - How to influence others to act

Spring - Leadership Development


- Financial Freedom - How to make money work for you
- Divergent Leadership - How to build a team of support
- Public Speaking - How to share your message on stage

Individualized Teaching Model

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No Standardized Tests

All classes and coaching sessions are personalized to each student

Experiential Classes

12 or less students per class and many open discussions

One on One Coaching

Weekly sessions with mentors to develop confidence and clarity


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