9 Month Program

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Become a Leader of Your Generation

Calling all visionaries, creators, entrepreneurs, and leaders. It's time to make your most ambitions dreams a reality in a learning experience unlike any other.    

Discover Your Calling

Every outcome is different because we cater our entire education model to meet students where they are and maximize their unique potential. 

Start Your Own Business

Over 60% of our graduates have gone on to start their own businesses. Students learn how to start and scale a business unique to their calling.

Attract People to Your Mission

We develop leaders who are capable of communicating their ideas in any setting to open the doors for inspiring professional opportunities.

Program Overview

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Start Date: September 14th, 2024
End Date: June 21st, 2025

Weekly Student Schedule:

Monday - 1 Live Workshop & 1 Coaching Session 
Tuesday - 2 Live Workshops 
Wednesday - 1 Live Workshop & 1 Coaching Session 
Thursday - 2 Live Workshops 
Friday - 1 Live Workshop & 1 Coaching Session

Students Receive:

- 231 Live Workshops 
- 77 One on One Coaching Sessions
- 9 Developmental Workbooks
- 231 Optional Journal Assignments
- 5 One on One Community Mentors
- 30+ One on One Student Leader Connections
- 1 Graduation Speech on Stage with Video
- 1 Vendor Booth at Graduation
- Divergent Leadership Certificate

All workshops and coaching sessions take place in person at our campus in Orlando, Florida. Online classes are not available. 

Fall Trimester - Personal Development

Over these 3 months students develop their critical thinking, communication, and personal discipline to maintain habits and achieve self made goals. The three courses for this trimester are Divergent Thinking, Emotional Awareness, and Healthy Habits. Each course includes multiple workshops per week with 12 or less students as well as weekly one on one coaching sessions with the instructor for each class.


Key Dates

Orientation: Saturday, September 14th 2024 
Fall Courses Start: Monday, September 23rd 2024 

Weekly Calendar:
Monday - Divergent Thinking & One on One 
Tuesday - Emotional Awareness & Healthy Habits
Wednesday - Divergent Thinking & One on One
Thursday - Emotional Awareness & Healthy Habits
Friday - Divergent Thinking & One on One 

Thanksgiving Break: November 25th - November 30th
Fall Courses End: Friday, December 13th 2024 

Winter Trimester - Business Development

Over these 3 months students develop their entrepreneurial skills to start a business, price an offer, and close a sale. The three courses for this trimester are CEO Mindset, Brand Building, and Sales Training. Each course includes multiple workshops per week with 12 or less students as well as weekly one on one sessions instructors and community mentors.

Key Dates

Winter Courses Start: Monday, January 6th 2025 

Weekly Calendar:
Monday - CEO Mindset & One on One
Tuesday - Brand Building & Sales Training 
Wednesday - CEO Mindset & One on One
Thursday - Brand Building & Sales Training 
Friday - CEO Mindset & One on One 

Winter Courses End: Friday, March 21st 2025
Spring Break: March 22nd - March 30th 

Spring Trimester - Leadership Development

Over these 3 months students develop their leadership skills to create a financial plan for their future, hire team members for their business, and speak on stage. The three courses for this trimester are Divergent Leadership, Financial Freedom, and Public Speaking. Each course includes multiple workshops per week with 12 or less students as well as weekly one on one sessions with instructors.

Key Dates

Spring Courses Start: Monday, March 31st 2025

Weekly Calendar:
Monday - Divergent Leadership & One on One
Tuesday - Financial Freedom & Public Speaking 
Wednesday - Divergent Leadership & One on One
Thursday - Financial Freedom & Public Speaking
Friday - Divergent Leadership & One on One 

No Classes: May 12th - May 16th
Spring Courses End: Friday, June 20th 2025 

Divergent X Graduation: Saturday, June 21st 2025 

Individualized Teaching Model

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No Standardized Tests

All workshops and coaching sessions are personalized to each student

Experiential Classes

12 or less students per workshop and many open discussions

One on One Coaching

Weekly sessions with mentors to achieve individualized goals

Detailed Outline

Education is not a transactional exchange of lifeless information but a transformational journey of experiential participation. We believe in respecting every individual as a leader of their own calling. The source of all learning is curiosity and all of our workshops are designed to invite in unique perspectives to directly apply the information to every student. Every workshop has a structure with a specific purpose and empowering student leadership will always be our guiding principle. Each workshop builds on the previous to make each learning experience more impactful than the last across 231 workshops of experiential learning. 

All workshops follow this general structure with a few exceptions: 

  1. Workshop opens with a question of the day
  2. Every student writes their answer
  3. Every student verbally shares their answer
  4. An open discussion is started
  5. Concept 1 is shared on a whiteboard 
  6. Activity 1 is assigned for small groups 
  7. Concept 2 is shared on a whiteboard 
  8. Activity 2 is assigned for small groups 
  9. Every student writes their closing takeaway
  10. Every student verbally shares their takeaway

Every workshop is accompanied by a workbook activity to further develop the concepts covered in the workshop. These assignments aren’t requirements for students to complete but opportunities for students to develop their own ideas in a personal journal format. 

For each course a student is also assigned a weekly one on one meeting time with the instructor. These sessions are designed to further the material covered in the workshops. This means every trimester students attend 7 workshops per week and 3 one on one sessions with instructors per week. This format optimizes for individualized learning so every student has a different outcome uniquely catered to their definition of success. Here is a detailed overview of all 9 courses and all 231 workshops. 

1. Divergent Thinking

How to Think with an Unlimited Mindset

In this course students practice setting weekly goals for individualized projects. We use an original Divergent U framework called the 12 Limitations to explore every barrier between the student’s imagination and reality. The course opens class discussions around every limitation one by one to systematically explain how to turn any imagined idea in a student’s mind into a tangible result in the present reality. Students set goals, attempt goals, and achieve goals every week. 

Course includes these 33 workshops and 11 One on One goal setting sessions: 

  1. Divergent vs Convergent Thinking
  2. Divergent Leadership Theory
  3. The 12 Limitations
  4. The 4 Pillars of Health
  5. The Map to Emotional Awareness
  6. The Divergent Thinking Model
  7. The Power of Belief
  8. The 4 Stages of Belief
  9. Scarcity vs Abundance
  10. The Levels of Culture
  11. Defining Home
  12. The 3 Macro Systems
  13. The Purpose of Information
  14. The Structure of Discipline
  15. The 3 Decisions
  16. Goal Setting
  17. The Divergent Business Model
  18. Entrepreneurial Brainstorm
  19. Brand Equity
  20. Repeatable Offers
  21. Organizational Charts
  22. Marketing Channels
  23. Divergent Sales
  24. Divergent Management System
  25. Profitability
  26. Financial Freedom
  27. Investing
  28. Goal Activation
  29. Divergent Time
  30. Time Setting
  31. The Divergent Equation
  32. What We Learned
  33. Goal Completion


2. Emotional Awareness

How to Communicate from All Emotional States

In this course students practice emotional vulnerability and listening in small group discussions. We use an original Divergent U framework called the Map to Emotional Awareness to explore 9 different types of language and how to holistically produce and receive information in each one. This course creates a safe environment for both emotional expression and constructive feedback where all voices are heard. Students connect with their peers, adopt new tools for communication, and write an emotional map of their past, present, and future. 

Course includes these 22 workshops and 11 One on One personal coaching sessions: 

  1. The Map to Emotional Awareness
  2. The Language of Gratitude
  3. The Language of Joy
  4. The Language of Hope
  5. The Language of Strategy
  6. The Language of Fear
  7. The Language of Stress
  8. The Language of Pain
  9. The Language of History
  10. The Language of Now
  11. Fear vs Gratitude
  12. Stress vs Joy
  13. Pain vs Hope
  14. History vs Strategy
  15. Now Part 2
  16. Past Emotional Map
  17. Present Emotional Map
  18. Future Emotional Map
  19. Negative Emotional Map
  20. Neutral Emotional Map
  21. Positive Emotional Map
  22. What We Learned

3. Healthy Habits

How to Commit to Habits of Self Improvement

In this course students practice creating and committing to personal habits. We use an original Divergent U framework called the 4 Pillars of Health to explore the foundations of a sustainable lifestyle. This course provides a personalized health plan for every student with a focus on breath, nutrition, exercise, and rest. Students work with an accountability coach one on one every week to practice intentionally adding and removing habits from their daily routine. 

Course includes these 22 workshops and 11 One on One accountability sessions: 

  1. The 4 Pillars of Health 
  2. Breath 
  3. Meditation 
  4. Breathwork 
  5. Nutrition 
  6. Water 
  7. Sunlight 
  8. Skin Care
  9. Natural Food
  10. Fasting
  11. Macronutrients 
  12. Micronutrients 
  13. Meal Planning
  14. Cooking 
  15. Exercise 
  16. Heart Rate 
  17. Stretching 
  18. Muscle Building 
  19. Rest 
  20. Sleep 
  21. Well-Being Results 
  22. What We Learned

4. CEO Mindset

How to Turn an Idea into a Scalable Business

In this course students practice creating a roadmap to make their business ideas a reality. We use an original Divergent U framework called the Divergent Business Model to provide students a checklist of tasks to complete to start their business and a breakdown of key business metrics to track to ensure business growth. This course invites successful business leaders to speak to students about the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship. Students implement a business strategy for their own business in this course.

Course includes these 33 workshops and 11 One on One business coaching sessions: 

  1. The Divergent Business Model 
  2. Ideation Brainstorm 
  3. Business Leader Speaker 1 
  4. Selecting an Idea 
  5. Sharing an Idea 
  6. Business Leader Speaker 2  
  7. Establish Brand Equity
  8. Price Repeatable Offers 
  9. Business Leader Speaker 3 
  10. Core Business Systems
  11. Organizational Charts 
  12. Business Leader Speaker 4 
  13. Business Team Brainstorm 
  14. Standard Operating Procedures
  15. Business Leader Speaker 5 
  16. Divergent Marketing 
  17. Divergent Sales 
  18. Business Leader Speaker 6
  19. Hiring Staff 
  20. Divergent Management System
  21. Business Leader Speaker 7 
  22. Financial Planning
  23. Cash Flow Sheet 
  24. Business Leader Speaker 8 
  25. LTGP:CAC
  26. Metrics Discussion
  27. Business Leader Speaker 9
  28. Core Business Metrics 
  29. Reviewing Metrics 
  30. Business Leader Speaker 10 
  31. Exit Strategy 
  32. Serial Entrepreneurship
  33. What We Learned 

5. Brand Building

How to Attract Professional Opportunities

In this course students practice creating a professional profile online for themselves and/or their business. We use an original Divergent U framework called Divergent Marketing to open the door for inbound professional opportunities for every student. This course guides students step by step through the process of starting and growing a professional brand. Students have the option to register their own business at the end of this course. 

Course includes these 22 workshops and 5 One on One meetings with new mentors: 

  1. Intro to Brand Building
  2. Name & Mission Statement
  3. Core Values
  4. Logo
  5. Brand Guidelines
  6. Core Offer
  7. Lead Magnet
  8. Funnel Creation
  9. Platforms
  10. Launch Accounts
  11. Content Strategy
  12. Content Creation
  13. Website Overview 
  14. Website Pages 
  15. Website Development 
  16. Website MVP 
  17. SEO 
  18. Email List 
  19. Paid Advertising 
  20. Live Events
  21. Register LLC
  22. What We Learned

6. Sales Training

How to Cultivate Lasting Professional Relationships

In this course students practice networking, creating offers, and selling their own products or services. We use an original Divergent U framework called Divergent Sales to train students how to sell with a collaborative strategy instead of a transactional strategy. This course provides real world opportunities for students to pitch and sell their own skills and ideas. Students close a sale for their business by the end of this course. 

Course includes these 22 workshops and 11 marketplace opportunities to sell offers: 

  1. Divergent Sales
  2. Speed Networking
  3. Ranking Network
  4. Warm Outreach
  5. Power Base Value Add
  6. Value Proposition
  7. Deciding Offer
  8. Pitch Power Base
  9. Pipeline Created 
  10. Sales Tracking 
  11. Cold Outreach
  12. The 3 Cs of Sales 
  13. Curiosity
  14. Collaboration 
  15. Closing 
  16. Sales Script
  17. Follow Up 
  18. Long Term Relationships
  19. Daily Routine
  20. Sales Celebrations 
  21. Final Pitch
  22. What We Learned

7. Divergent Leadership

How to Lead from Within and Expand Leadership

In this course students practice creating a culture around their mission, writing standard operating procedures for their business, and hiring team members to achieve goals. We use an original Divergent U framework called Divergent Leadership to explore the philosophy of power expanding from within. Students are the leaders and the course itself is a co-created experience in which the student and instructor become equal participants in leading the space by the final day. 

Course includes these 33 workshops and 11 leadership coaching sessions: 

  1. Divergent Leadership 
  2. Core Values 
  3. Practicing Values
  4. People  
  5. Oneness 
  6. The Map to Emotional Awareness 
  7. Empathy 
  8. Authority 
  9. Trust 
  10. Organizational Chart 
  11. SOPs & JDs
  12. Project Management 
  13. Interview Process
  14. Hiring Process 
  15. Firing Process
  16. Daily Core Values Meetings 
  17. Weekly Development Sessions
  18. Quarterly Evaluations 
  19. How We Got Here 
  20. Student Leader 1 
  21. Student Leader 2
  22. Student Leader 3
  23. Student Leader 4
  24. Student Leader 5 
  25. Student Leader 6 
  26. Student Leader 7 
  27. Student Leader 8 
  28. Student Leader 9 
  29. Student Leader 10 
  30. Student Leader 11
  31. Student Leader 12
  32. Group Student Leaders
  33. What We Learned

8. Financial Freedom

How to Acquire and Develop Appreciating Assets

In this course students practice investing in their own business, purchasing assets, and creating a long term financial plan. We use an original Divergent U framework called the 4 Steps to Financial Freedom to set students up for a lifetime of financial success. Students create a monthly and annual budget as well as a long term financial plan.

Course includes these 22 workshops and 11 financial planning sessions: 

  1. The Nature of Money 
  2. Personal Finance Fundamentals
  3. Budgeting 
  4. Saving & Debt 
  5. Taxes 
  6. Investing 
  7. Investing in Stock
  8. Investing in Real Estate
  9. Investing in Business 
  10. Acquiring Businesses
  11. Micro Economics 
  12. Macro Economics 
  13. Financial Boundaries 
  14. Financial Goals
  15. Relationship with Money 
  16. Family & Friends 
  17. Raising Business Capital 
  18. Choosing Investors 
  19. The 4 Steps to Financial Freedom 
  20. Financial Abundance 
  21. The Future of Money
  22. What We Learned 

9. Public Speaking

How to Share Your Message on Stage

In this course students practice crafting a unique message to share on stage in front of a crowd of hundreds. At the end of the course we host an original Divergent U event called Divergent X. Every graduating student gives a short speech and sets up a booth to market their business at this graduation ceremony. Students write their own speech and practice sharing it in front of the class to receive feedback to prepare for Divergent X. 

Course includes these 22 workshops and 11 speech writing sessions: 

  1. Divergent X 
  2. Story Telling
  3. The Audience 
  4. Divergent X Audience 
  5. Clarify Message
  6. Structure Speech 
  7. Body Language 
  8. Voice Modulation 
  9. Volume Practice 
  10. Improv Class
  11. Peer Review Draft 1
  12. Peer Review Draft 2 
  13. Group 1 Practice 
  14. Group 1 Feedback 
  15. Group 2 Practice 
  16. Group 2 Feedback 
  17. Group 1 Practice 
  18. Group 1 Feedback 
  19. Group 2 Practice 
  20. Group 2 Feedback 
  21. Divergent X Intentions 
  22. What We Learned

Divergent X - Graduation Ceremony

On June 21st, 2025 we'll host a graduation ceremony called Divergent X. At this event graduates give speeches on stage and every student has a vendor booth set up for their professional brand or business. Families, friends, alumni, investors, and community members come together to celebrate the achievements of all the graduates. All students have the opportunity to make sales for their brand or business.   

Graduates Receive: 

  • 5-7 Minute Speech on Stage with Video¬†
  • Vendor Booth for their Professional Brand
  • Divergent Leadership Certificate¬†
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