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Divergent U vs Traditional College

Traditional college doesn't compare to Divergent U when it comes to developing student leadership. Unlike traditional universities which focus on degree programs, Divergent U focuses on empowering students to start their own business or create their professional profile before they graduate our 9 month program. All of our courses apply directly and immediately to a student's unique pursuits.  

The Challenges of Traditional College

Traditional college wasn't designed to help students become leaders or entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial minded students waste years relearning the subjects they learned in high school before they even have one class that gives them the tools to pursue their own ideas. The path of traditional college simply doesn't make sense for students with creative or entrepreneurial ambitions.  

Average College 4 Year Tuition 

The average cost of a 4 year degree is $102k for public schools and $218k for private schools. College debt just reached $1.5 trillion and student loans are the only debt that isn't forgiven in bankruptcy. 

Success Rate of Traditional College

40% of college students drop out every year and of those that finish their degree only 47% will find a job in their career field. Therefore, about 1/4 freshman enrolling in college will successfully find their life path.

Student Mental Health Crisis

An independent study showed that 77% of college students are experiencing moderate to severe psychological distress. The system that's meant to serve students in finding their calling is producing a crisis.

Why Divergent U is the Solution

Divergent U is for the action takers. Our entire system of education is designed to optimize around supporting student's unique goals. While traditional college students are studying for tests, Divergent U students are achieving goals, making sales, and impacting their community. We produce leaders who are capable of achieving a life of fulfillment and wealth without the need of a traditional 9 to 5 job. Students tell us what they want to happen in their life and we work with them to create a customized weekly plan to make their ideal lifestyle a reality. 

Divergent U 1 Year Tuition 

Divergent U is $12,000 for the full program with no hidden fees. Every class directly applies to student's lives and supports them in making decisions to set them up for a fulfilling and fruitful future.

Divergent U Grads Start Businesses

We teach students how to own their source of wealth centered around their calling. Not all students want to start businesses but even those who don't are equipped with the financial IQ to plan a fulfilling career. 

Positive Increase in Mental Health 

98% of Divergent U graduates see increases in self assessed confidence and clarity. The average increase in overall student wellbeing on self assessments jumps from 6.4/10 to 8.5/10. 

Tuition Payment Options

Full Year Tuition

Students registering for the full year of Divergent U in advance pay $12,000 prior to the fall term start date in September. 

Trimester Tuition Payments

Students paying for each trimester of Divergent U separately pay $4,000 prior to the start date of each trimester.