Alumni Success Stories

Josh Thompson - Cofounder of Free the Roots

Josh was taking traditional college classes and wasn't sureĀ what direction to take his ideasĀ when he joined Divergent U. While at Divergent U he started a natural soap company called FreetheRoots which now has over 300,000 followers on Instagram and earns seven figures per year in revenue.



Jess Adams - CEO of Hoop Brothers

Jess was working as an administrativeĀ assistant and seeking professional growth opportunities when she started with Divergent U. Through Divergent U's development and network she was hired as the CEO of a basketball media company called Hoop Brothers which has helped over 10,000 student athletes.

Hoop Brothers

Chris John - Professional Dunker

Chris was an introverted high school senior who made videos for his high school basketball team when he started with Divergent U. He wasn't sure what career to pursue. Now he's one of the most famous professional dunkers in the world. He's performed shows globally, closed brand deals with Fortune 500 companies, and is a paid motivational speaker.

CJ Champion

Authentic, Unedited, Testimonials

This video includes testimonials from Divergent U graduates over the last four years from both our in person program and online courses we ran during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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