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What Makes a Divergent U Student

If you're a young adult struggling to find your direction in life and haven't been able to commit to a career or life path that brings you fulfilment then Divergent U is exactly the solution you've been looking for. 

Ages 18-30

All of our students are young adults who are in the process of discovering what to do with their lives.  

Growth Mindset

Divergent U students are driven to better themselves and know the value of investing into their self growth.


What unites our student body is a drive to connect and collaborate with peers and mentors to further their purpose.

"I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to take my ideas," - Josh

"After investing into Divergent U and going through the program I discovered I wanted to launch a natural soap company called FreetheRoots. Last year we made seven figures in revenue with 200,000 followers on Instagram thanks to implementing a lot of what I learned at Divergent U. If you're stuck this program will transform your life!"

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We Guarantee Success!

If any of our students haven't seen a complete transformation in their self confidence, professional opportunities, and clarity in their future in the first 90 days of our 9 month program then we'll provide a full refund no questions asked.

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You Are Not Alone

Join us at Divergent U to start discovering your purpose, connecting with peers, and transforming your life today. Your future is one click away. Apply now!